Pelumi Adeyemi


Improving the Shop Navigation


UI/UX Designer

I was part of a design team that handled extensive user research campaigns, user interface implementations and A/B tests to determine the best solutions for the shop navigation


We push customers into a world that has great products in some categories but abysmal offerings in many other categories. This was a globally suboptimal decision as customers might think that this is the whole offering in some categories, and they never actually go to the full offering incl. 3rd-party brands, and then they have a bad impression plus we create less GMV.

Current Data available on category icons and mobile navigation bar

Distribution of clicks in the mobile Header (web)

A few Competitive analysis on similar products

Zalando iOS & web iOS & web
ASOS iOS & web
Ikea iOS & web
Other Apps that follow the same pattern

We analysed more products, and some of them were slightly deviant
here is a list of other products that were considered:

  • Wayfair
  • AboutYou
  • HM
  • Net-A-Porter
  • Amazon

Key observations from benchmarks and data collected

  • Most benchmarks had a full search bar on the Home Page, not just an icon

  • Categories were represented with pictures rather than icons in competitive product and that increases engagement

  • The westwing collection, interior service and club sales were the least clicked in the app navigation bar.

  • Amazon has a similar promotion bar, but it’s only visible on the HomePage. It’s not part of the Header on all pages.

  • Wayfair has a Cart in the Header. Net-A-Porter has the My Account and the Cart in the Header. All other benchmarks have them in the tab bar.

  • Increased click rate on other products

Based on these observations these are some wireframes suggested

High fidelity Result of research and A/B testing

Some wins from this sprint

  • More focus on high-performing categories
  • Increased attention on growth products – westwing studio, shop the look and neuigheiten
  • much cleaner look and feel