Pelumi Adeyemi


Landing Page Redesign​


UI/UX Designer

I was in charge of redesigning the landing page of our club product (an exclusive club that gets access to the best deals).


Sign-up rates were quite low due to an ineffective pop-up registration modal. It restricts access to browsing for first-time or “not-logged-in” users and in turn discourages a further step.

No one likes a mandatory sign up pop up!

Sign up rates were drastically low, and after some interviews with specific sets of users (who chose not to sign up on the club homepage) we discovered that they did not feel compelled to, due to the fact that they had no idea of deals they had access to, or the advantage it posed.

Previous Homepage

Some examples from similar products/homepages

Netflix registration
DisneyPlus registration

High Fidelity options for A/B Test

Option 1
Rest of the page
Option 2
Static Version
Option 3

Results after A/B Tests

Options 1 and the static version of option 2 were the best-performing solutions.

The flashy deals and beautiful products available at first glance increased the push for users to sign up and in turn increased sign-up rates.