Pelumi Adeyemi

Coordinating User Research

Role & Overview

Lead Product Designer

Coordinate ongoing user research for product enhancement aligning with business goals. Targeted at increased conversion and optimization of homepage, catalogue, and product detail pages. Conducted July-August 2023.

In my role as the lead product designer, I actively coordinate ongoing user research to enhance the product and align with business objectives. Enclosed is a detailed record of the user research initiative I spearheaded from July to August 2023, aimed at elevating the conversion rate and refining pivotal webshop pages within the user journey map: the homepage, catalogue page, and product detail page.


Before conducting the user research, a meticulously crafted persona was developed to categorize our users based on distinct behavioral patterns, ensuring our focus accommodates a minimum of 90 percent of our user base.

Initial Work

The first phase entails spearheading a sprint focused on crafting fresh sketches/prototypes derived from user data, past pain points, competitive analysis, and innovative concepts. Subsequently, this sprint sets the groundwork for outlining our objectives, conducting a brainstorming workshop, and developing sketches/prototypes for rigorous testing.

Here is what the workshop boards look like


Following the initial workshop, I develop sketches and prototypes to validate our hypotheses. These materials are utilized in face-to-face interviews, yielding feedback crucial for refining our implementation and execution strategies.

User Testing

With a printed out version of the sketch and equipments to record conversations, we hit Bonanza Coffee and Five Elephants in Mitte. We had more success in Five Elephants, where the crowd was more open to testing with us. We bought coffee and pastry to participants that volunteered.

Some wins from this Research

  • Signification increase in conversion rate for checkout
  • Higher number conversions in the user journey map funnel